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Книги на русском здесь
Я на английском читаю. Книги этого автора по сути начали эпоху Нью Эйдж, вдохновляли многих от Луизы Хей, Дипака Чопры до Ричарда Баха. То, как высказываются мысли в этой книге, кажется мне более цельным и точным, чем у многих более поздних авторов, писавших вроде бы про то же самое, но в большей степени упрощавших эти идеи. Эта книга- про механизмы формирования реальности нашим сознанием. Далее цитаты на английском. Очень много. Там хочется прямо через  абзац  все себе на лбу написать чтобы помнить когда заносит))))
...я еще в процессе чтения, буду добавлять сюда цитаты.

"The world as you see it is a reflection
of what you are, a reflection not in glass but in three dimensional reality.
You project your thoughts, feelings, and expectations outward, then you
perceive them as the outside reality. When it seems to you that others are
observing you, you are observing yourself from the standpoint  of your
own projections"

"You do not have the same ego now that you had five years
ago, but you are not aware of the change. Ego rises out of what you are,
in other words. It is a part of the action of your being and consciousness"

Altering the state of the psyche automatically alters the physical circumstances.
There is no other valid way of changing physical events.

You react not  only to what is visible to your physical eyes in space, or to what is
directly in front of you in time, but also to objects and events whose reality is still with you, though they may seem to have disappeared.

You make your own reality. There is no
other rule. Knowing this is the secret of creativity.

Many individuals are completely blind to their own beliefs about
themselves, and the nature of reality. Your own conscious thoughts will
give you excellent clues. Often you will find yourself refusing to accept
certain thoughts that come to your mind because they conflict with other
usually accepted ideas.

Your environment is the physical picture of your thoughts, emotions and beliefs made visible.

Your emotions follow your beliefs. It is not the other way around.
If you believe that a given situation should make you unhappy, then it will, and the unhappiness will then reinforce the condition.
Your conscious beliefs direct the functioning of your body. It is not the other way around.
There is no battle between the intuitive self and the conscious mind. There only seems to be when the individual refuses to face all the information that is available in his conscious mind.Sometimes it seems easier to avoid the frequent readjustments in behavior that self- examination requires. In such cases an individual collects many secondhand beliefs. Some contradict each other; the signals given to the body and to the inner self are not smoothly flowing or clear-cut, but a muddied jumble of counter-directions. These will immediately set off alarms of various natures.The body will not function properly, or the overall emotional environment will suffer. Such reactions are actually excellent precautions, meant to be taken as a sign that change is needed.

If you believe, moreover, that you must accept your difficulties, then this belief alone can deter you from solving them.
You are not here to cry about the miseries of the human condition, but to change them when you find them not to your liking through the joy, strength and vitality that is within you; to create the spirit as faithfully and beautifully as you can in flesh.
 Your joy. vitality and accomplishment do not come from the outside to you as the result of events that "happen to you." They spring from inner events that are the result of your beliefs.
Many false beliefs therefore are indiscriminately accepted because you have not examined them. You have given the inner self a faulty picture of reality. Since it is the function of the conscious mind to assess physical experience, it [the inner self] hasn't been able to do its job properly. If the inner portions of the self were supposed to have that responsibility, then you would not need a conscious mind.When the inner self is alerted, it will immediately try to remedy the situation by an influx of self-corrective measures. On occasion, when the situation gets out of hand, it will bypass those restric- tive areas of the conscious mind, and solve the problem by shooting forth energy in other layers of activity. It will manage to work around the blind spots in the reasoning mind, for example. Often it will sift out from the barrage of conflicting beliefs the particular set that is the most life-giving, and send these forth in what then appears as a burst of revelation. Such revelations result in new patterns that change behavior.
If you think the world is evil, you will meet with events that seem evil. There are no accidents in cosmic terms, or in terms of the world as you know it. Your beliefs grow as surely in time and space as flowers do. When you realize this you can even feel their growing.

Remember, even false beliefs will seem to be justified in terms of physical data, since your experience in the outside world is the materialization of those beliefs. So you must work with the raw material of your ideas, even while your sense data may tell you that a given belief is obviously a truth. To change your experience or any portion of it, then, you must change your ideas. Since you have been forming your own reality all along, the results will follow naturally.

You must be convinced that you can alter your beliefs. You must be willing to try. Think of a limiting idea as a muddy color and \our life as a multidimensional painting that is marred. You change the idea as an artist would his palette.

The artist does not identify with the colors he uses. He knows he chooses them, and applies them with a brush. So you paint your reality with your ideas in the same manner. You are not your ideas, nor even your thoughts. You are the self who experiences them.
If you think that limiting thoughts are a portion of you, permanently attached therefore, you will not think of washing them off. You would behave instead like a mad artist who says, "My paints are a part of me. They have stained my fingers, and there is nothing I can do about it."

You do not have to be blind to be spontaneous. You are not being spontaneous when you indiscriminately accept as your own, for a fact, every bit of data that comes to you. Many beliefs would automatically fall away quite harmlessly if you were being truly spontaneous. Instead you often harbor them.

You had a hand in the development of your childhood environment. You chose the circumstances. This does not mean that you are at the mercy of those circumstances. It means that you set challenges to be overcome, set goals to be reached, set up frameworks of experience through which you could develop, understand and fulfill certain abilities.

The ego is your idea of your physical image in relation to the world. Your self image is not unconscious, then. You are quite aware of it, though often you reject certain thoughts about it in favor of others. False beliefs can result in a rigid ego that insists upon using the conscious mind in one direction only, further distorting its perceptions.

The body is often closer to the soul than the mind is because it automatically grows as a flower does, trusting its nature.

 No one dies who has not made the decision to do so — and no disease is accepted blindly.

While you are in this reality there is no division between the mental, the spiritual, and the physical. If you think there is, then you do not sufficiently understand the spirituality of the flesh or the physical reality of your thought.

When you consider ideas as mental and apart from nature, then you feel separated from nature itself. When you imagine a life after death as unnatural or supernatural then you feel divorced, cut off and bewildered.

The word "perfect" holds many pitfalls. In the first place it presupposes something completed and done beyond change, and so beyond motion, further development, or creativity. The spirit is always in a state of becoming, ever-changing, supple, and in your terms without end, as it was and is without a point of beginning.
Some people are afraid of snakes, even of the most harmless variety, and blind to their beauty and place in the universe. Some are afraid of certain thoughts, and so are oblivious to their beauty and their place in mental life.
What is usually forgotten is the real nature of aggressive- ness, which in its truest sense simply means forceful action. This does not necessarily imply physical force, but instead the power of energy directed into a material action. Birth is perhaps the most forceful aggression, in your terms, of which you are capable in your system of reality
It is impossible to try to erase true aggressiveness. To do so would obliterate life as you know it.
Any attempt to impair the flow of true aggression results in a distortive, uneven, explosive pseudo-aggression that causes wars, individual neurosis, and a great many of your problems in all areas. Normal aggressiveness flows with strong patterns of energy, giving motive power to all of your thoughts whether you consciously regard them as positive or negative, good or bad.

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